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Machine learning

Machine Learning: From simple automation to the cognitive assistant

Advancements in automation have been incremental in the past few decades; the opportunities of machine learning now allow us to make a big leap. This article will illustrate why.

lean software development

The 7 principles of Lean software development

A new, innovative application does not just fall from the sky. Previously we already wrote about how the principles of Lean Manufacturing can be used. Now we go a bit deeper into this. From problem to product, how does GlobalOrange ensure for successful software development?

De 3 meest interessante artikelen over Machine Learning van deze maand

The 3 most interesting articles about Machine Learning this month – May ’17

Numerous articles appear and luckily also applications in the field of Machine Learning. For everyone who wants to see the forest for the trees we select the most interesting articles every month. Please register yourself for our newsletter (at the bottom of this page) to read these first.

ticketscript taken over by Eventbrite

Ticketing company ticketscript taken over by Eventbrite

The American company Eventbrite, known globally for its ticketing-technology, is taking over control of the Dutch company ticketscript. This news broke today. Ticketscript, founded in 2006, is a strong player in Europe and because of the merger it will become one of the biggest providers of an online ticket sales platform.

Book recommendation The Lean Startup

The Lean Startup

Companies have to innovate continuously to be persistently successful in the contemporary economy. But what is the best way for organizations to put new products or services on the market fast, efficiently and with success? Eric Ries explains in his book The Lean Startup.