GlobalOrange in NRC’s top 5 best employers once more.

For the third time in a row GlobalOrange has gotten a spot in the top 10 of best employers of the Netherlands. This prize was awarded 23 January 2017 by NRC Carrière.* We are very happy with this important award. We don’t strive to be a good employer for nothing. In our sector it’s an important factor for finding and connecting good (IT) staff. 

NRC Carreer Hero 2016/2017

GlobalOrange obtained this year a good 4th place on the ranking. This year  all companies are on the same list, while in preceding years there was a differentiation between smaller and bigger employers. The title “Best Employer” went to Kabisa. Research bureau SatisAction in cooperation with the NRC researched the employment conditions and the degree of how innovative and stimulating the employer is toward the employees to develop themselves.

Being an employer is about more than a good salary

To be attractive for talented personnel as an employer, we think you have to offer more than a good salary and a comfortable workplace. Our people express that it’s especially the relaxed and informal work atmosphere that they find appealing. A lot is being organized for them, like hackathons and social drinks where knowledge is being shared. Developers get challenging projects assigned where they can put there teeth into. And every employee is actively being involved in decisions and changes in the business operations.

‘Going to your work with pleasure, that is super important’

Of course the location is something that counts as well. The Posthoorn church is a unique office location. Yvo Gortemaker, CEO of GlobalOrange: ‘We care a lot for our team and we invest in that. Enjoying work  is important to anyone. That will benefit both our team and our customers.’

Interested in working for GlobalOrange? We are looking for new colleagues.

*NRC Carrière is part of NRC, a daily high-quality newspaper published in the Netherlands.