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Escaping the Build Trap: How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value

‘Escaping the Build Trap’ (Melissa Perri) is a profound and insightful book that addresses a common issue within product development: the ‘build trap’. This phenomenon occurs when companies focus too much on continuously delivering new features and updates, without considering whether these additions actually create value for the customer. Melissa Perri, a recognised expert in product management, analyses why this happens and offers a detailed approach to avoid this pitfall.

Perri argues that companies need to shift from an output-driven to an outcome-driven approach. She explains how product managers play a crucial role in this transformation by ensuring development teams focus on solving real customer problems and delivering valuable results. The book includes practical strategies and frameworks that product managers can use to lead their teams, collaborate better with stakeholders, and measure what truly matters more effectively.

Escaping the Build Trap

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