SaaS Development

  • Expertise

    Successful SaaS development requires a multidisciplinary team with expertise in SaaS projects. Each team member has their own specialty, but these are not all needed continuously. We offer you the solution.

  • DevOps

    Rapidly being able to make changes without being delayed by process-related limitations such as testing and publishing? This requires a high release rate and flawless execution. Our DevOps specialists realize this by eliminating unnecessary manual work in the development and release process.

  • Flexibility

    SaaS applications must be scalable and easy to maintain. At the same time, you must be able to respond quickly to new developments (flexibility). With our expertise in distributed and component-based systems, this becomes possible.

“SaaS development demands much from your development partner.”

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, also known as Software on Demand. SaaS is software offered as an online service. We can build your entire SaaS application, or offer partial solutions. Did you run into problems when it comes to quality of your application or speed of development? At Global Orange you always get one contact for the entire management chain as well as the management of your partners and suppliers.

Benefits of a SaaS solution:

  • Easy to Manage
  • Saving costs (with automatic updates)
  • All users always have the same version of software
  • The software is accessible worldwide