Why we lunch together when we can.

If you have ever visited our church, we mean office, you must have noticed that it is outfitted with a rather large kitchen. With proper cause, if we do say so ourselves. We like to do things ourselves at GlobalOrange, that is also true when it comes to preparing lunch. As you may expect, it is not just about lunch, but about doing something together.

lunch GlobalOrange

Preparing a meal together gives you something that no teambuilding exercise ever will. We can’t take credit for that. It’s been this way since we wrote on the walls of our caves instead of our screens. Cooking and eating together is a perfect way to chat with people on other projects or even a completely different field. It provides you with ideas, insights and gives us the change to get to know each other a little better every day. It creates sort of a family-feel. Not in the mood? No problem. We just want to say that a lot is possible but hardly anything mandatory.