Your North Star in digital product creation

For centuries, mankind has been making products. In a constant flow of improvement, based on collective knowledge. Hand production methods turned to machines, the typewriter was replaced by the keyboard and the physical made way for digital. We’re in the pursuit of new truths, pushing digital product development further. As we question for better and think again for the best, we believe we can improve the world together.

We are Global Orange.
Your North Star in digital product development.


Develop an excellent SaaS product or Online Platform

You have an idea, a plan to conquer your market at breakneck speed. You are looking for a partner who can combine diligence, quality and speed. A team that understands the difference between a project and a product. We complement your passion with expertise. Based on 15 years of experience and 150 people from every discipline needed. Exactly when you need it.

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Improve your SaaS or platform software

Most digital products are never finished. There are always new features to develop or opportunities to seize. That goes without saying. But, if your product’s technology becomes a bottleneck for growth, development is too slow or the UI is outdated then it’s time to think about restructuring your product’s code.

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Review the condition of your SaaS product or Platform software

Effective development starts with a complete picture of the state of your product development, with actually understanding how ‘mature’ the approach is and what you can do to improve.

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For over 15 years we have been working with innovative companies

We believe that a best-of-breed solution is needed to achieve the best results. Important for you to know is that we are independent in our choice of partners and suppliers, so we can always choose the best solution for your business. Would you like more information or to get acquainted? Make an appointment and we will look at the possibilities together.

GlobalOrange is one of the most innovative companies in the Netherlands in the field of digital product creation. For over 15 years, from the Posthoornkerk church in Amsterdam, we have been developing solutions for companies that want their product to stand out and specifically developed based on the needs of our customers’ end users. We value strong cooperation based on mutual trust and are a long-term partner. With our top expertise in technology and user experience, we develop applications for Ticketscript, Aegon, SimpledCard, Tikkie, VUmc and many others.

GlobalOrange’s team consists of Product Owners, Project Managers, Analysts, Developers and Dev-ops specialists. All with years of experience in the development of high-end digital products. Based on this experience, we developed GOdna, a blueprint for scaleable Saas products. GOdna covers the optimal development of your product, security, architecture, ecosystem and cloud infrastructure; a roadmap to develop and grow your product as quickly as possible. GOdna is a blueprint for a successful product.

CEO en oprichter

Yvo Gortemaker

Head of HR

Rianne Boom

Business Development Director

Guido Sival

Delivery Manager

Werner Bootsman

Marketing Lead

Milou Verbeke

Chief Technology Officer

Breght Boschker

Operational Director

Edwin Hoogervorst

Interested in becoming part of the team?

If you are passionate about product development, want real ownership of your work and can change the way companies do business, take a look at our open vacancies and apply today!

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