GlobalOrange Acquires Expandior

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Strengthening Product Management Expertise

Amsterdam, June 18th, 2024 – GlobalOrange, a leader in digital product development and software modernization, is delighted to announce the acquisition of Expandior, a renowned provider of product management training and consultancy services. This strategic move marks a significant step in enhancing the product management capabilities of both companies. Ensuring continued excellence and innovation in the services offered to clients in the growing and maturing market of Product Management and Digital Product Development services.

Expandior, recognized as one of the Netherlands’ top product management firms, brings a robust portfolio of services, including premium learning products, capability assessments, and a bespoke two-day product management training that has already gained substantial traction in the market. The integration of Expandior’s expertise with GlobalOrange’s comprehensive suite of digital solutions presents a powerful synergy that will drive enhanced value and superior outcomes for clients across both platforms.

The transition will see Expandior continuing to operate under its established brand, with plans to integrate operations to leverage the strengths of both organizations. The existing teams are enthusiastic about the opportunities this partnership will unveil, focusing on innovation, client success, and market expansion.

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Yvo Gortemaker – CEO GlobalOrange –

“This collaboration with GlobalOrange is not just a strategic alignment but a fusion of passion and excellence in product management. Expandior has cultivated top-tier product management talent and developed leading-edge training programs that take a unique position in the industry. This acquisition ensures that our shared vision of elevating product management standards will continue to thrive.”

Stephan van Rooden
Director of Expandior Product Academy and Consulting

Key Synergies and Benefits

Learn and do

The combined expertise of GlobalOrange and Expandior will provide clients with unparalleled access to a comprehensive range of product management knowledge, training and digital transformation solutions.

Elevate and share

Elevate and share our Product Management Capabilities. By combining our forces and exchanging our knowledge. We put into practice what we learn and share what we learned in our curriculum.

Cost Efficiency

Expandior will achieve significant cost reductions and operational efficiencies, which will be further enhanced through the integration with GlobalOrange’s resources and capabilities.

“We are thrilled to welcome Expandior into the GlobalOrange family. This move is a testament to our commitment to not only grow our capabilities but also to deepen them. Expandior’s impressive track record and expertise in product management will significantly enhance our offerings, providing our clients with an even greater edge in developing market-leading products.”

Yvo Gortemaker
Founder / CEO GlobalOrange

About Expandior

Expandior is a leading provider of product management training and consultancy in the Netherlands, known for its superior learning products and expert consultancy services. With a focus on raising the product management capabilities of its clients, Expandior has established itself as a pillar of excellence in the industry.

About GlobalOrange

GlobalOrange is a premier software development and consultancy firm specializing in digital product development, helping companies innovate and digitalize their operations across various sectors. Renowned for its client-focused approach and cutting-edge solutions, GlobalOrange is dedicated to delivering exceptional value and transformative results.

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