Develop an excellent SaaS product or Online Platform

Developing a product that is at the heart of your business. Instantly ready to generate sales and engage customers. Ready to grow; future-proof. We help you with all aspects of digital product development; everything for an excellent digital product.

You have an idea, a plan to conquer your market at breakneck speed. You are looking for a partner who can combine diligence, quality and speed. A team that understands the difference between a project and a product. We complement your passion with expertise. Based on 15 years of experience and 150 people from every required discipline. Exactly when you need it.


Product strategy

Before we start the actual development of a product, a good product strategy needs to be put on paper. We work according to the Lean Startup method in which the product strategy can be adjusted during the project based on user feedback, but that does not alter the fact that well-considered choices have to be made for an initial direction beforehand. In the strategy, together we find answers to questions such as; How do you make sure your development roadmap is in line with your product vision? What is the market like? What will we do to validate assumptions?

Develop an excellent SaaS product or Online Platform

Develop an excellent SaaS product or Online Platform

Product discovery

To map out your vision and goals as clearly as possible, we start the collaboration with a Product Discovery workshop. In this two-day workshop, we fill in the UX canvas together, focusing on your business goals and end-user needs. This will then lead to a project plan describing how we can best realise your product. This way, we ensure ourselves of a flying start.

Product Design

Once there is a clear picture of the final product, we can get to work on the UX, the technical and functional design. When developing SaaS products and digital platforms, there are high demands here because it has to perfectly match the wishes and needs of the final end user. We have all these specialisms and our team of experts is ready to work with you to bring the product to life. 

Develop an excellent SaaS product or Online Platform

Develop an excellent SaaS product or Online Platform

POC Development

Sometimes assumptions made in the concept phase are so risky that it can be useful to build a Proof of Concept (POC). This can be built, for example, to validate a technical implementation. A more end-user-oriented functional, or UX POC, can also be a good way to validate critical assumptions. Together, we test part of the product in this way to ultimately get to the end result faster.

MVP Development

An MVP or Minimum Viable Product, is the simplest version of your product that allows you to actually provide value to your user. Building a simple but functioning version of your final product ensures that you can go live and start doing business as soon as possible. In addition, you can immediately start collecting feedback and in this way learn from your end users. The first step towards an MVP is the Product Discovery workshop mentioned above, where we will focus on your stated business goals and end-user needs.

Develop an excellent SaaS product or Online Platform

“There is a close collaboration. We work with one development team in which both companies are represented. And it also really feels like one team. The great thing about GlobalOrange is that they also see the customer’s goal as their own. They are committed to what you want to achieve together.”

Develop an excellent SaaS product or Online Platform
Ernst van Apeldoorn
Product Owner SDB Ayton

“We are very satisfied with the tool we developed together. The result is very customer-friendly and has simplified operations. Both for XPO and for our customers who use the tool.”

Develop an excellent SaaS product or Online Platform
Marit Jansema
Logistics Manager XPO Logistics

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Develop an excellent SaaS product or Online Platform

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