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Webinar – Enhancing Software Development Teams with ChatGPT and CoPilot.AI:

Understanding the Key Legal Aspects of AI Implementation in your workflow


Everyone talks about it and many people experiment with it. ChatGPT by OpenAI unleashed an absolute revolution within the software development industry. Will it steal the jobs of the developers? Most likely not. Can it make them developers on steroids? For sure; if they use it the correct way! But what are the risks and legal aspects that you need to consider before you take this to your production enviroment?

In this webinar we will show you how you can superpower your development teams with ChatGPT and CoPilot.AI. We will share our best practices and top tips. But most important: we will explain the key legal implications of using those AI tools for development. After all you want to safely use it in your production environment… Who owns the intellectual property? Can you freely copy and paste your clients code in ChatGPT? And what are the possible GDPR consequences of connecting with their API.

This webinar took place at Tuesday March 21st. Watch the whole webinar here:


  • Answers to topics like:
    • Can I freely copy and paste my (clients) code in ChatGPT?
    • Who owns the output of what ChatGPT or CoPilot.AI write for me?
    • How does IP and Privacy law relate to code produced or rewritten by AI?
  • 3 Easy to implement strategies that can superpower your teams with ChatGPT
  • The do’s and don’ts of AI tools for development
  • Our Top 5 learnings about using CoPilot.AI in real life projects
  • 5 crucial GDPR (privacy law) Obstacles of ChatGPT


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