Technology Quick Scan – Smart Technical Audits

Make informed decisions

Do you struggle making informed decisions within days about the quality and risks of a product, technology or organisation? We provide you with a quality measure based on data and experience.

Why a Technology Quick Scan (TQS)?

  • Gain accurate and deep understanding of the quality of your digital product, technology and organisation
  • Data driven audits: we rate 140+ quality aspects
  • Identify risks towards current business and future developments
  • Inform your stakeholders with a high quality report
  • Delivered within days and transparant to all parties

Smart: scoring on 140+ quality aspects

By using a structured approach and scoring 140+ quality aspects, GlobalOrange gives you a comprehensive understanding of your digital product, technology and organisation. The Technology Quick Scan (TQS) assesses various elements of the product, including architecture and infrastructure, technical and commercial scalability and your development processes.

We understand that technical audits as part of your due diligence can be a hassle. That’s why our structured approach delivers consistent high quality with minimal disruption for you and your product teams.



Our approach

When we evaluate your product we look for proportionality of solutions within your technology, team & processes. The comprehensive TQS report gives you insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your digital product and helps you identify risks and areas for improvement.

Our process looks as follows:

  • Briefing of stakeholders
  • Information gathering through structured questionnaire
  • Interview with the product development team
  • Sharing of the key findings with the sponsor
  • Creation of TQS report
  • Debrief and Q&A

“When the Transition Fund considers investing in a company with a digital product, its reliability is essential to reach a deal. In these situations, GlobalOrange performs a Technology Quick Scan for us, which provides direct insight into the quality, risks and scalability. The cooperation with the GO experts is very pleasant and always produces new ideas to further improve the digital product.”

Marc Postma
Senior Investment Manager Transitionfund, ROM InWest

Our team

GlobalOrange is, since its founding in 2006, one of the most innovative companies in the Netherlands in the field of digital product creation. With a dedicated team with extensive experience in SaaS development we aim the deliver the most high quality products out there.

Breght Boschker, CTO GlobalOrange
Breght has 20+ years experience in technology, innovation, product development and strategy. Breght has worked in a wide range of company types, industries, products and technologies, ranging from Virtual Reality, consumer electronics to and automotive, medical devices and real estate technology. One of his key focal points is to bring together people, business and technology in the form of a strong strategic and deeply tactical product focus. Breght has co-authored over 25 patents in a wide range of topics.




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