With Artura, yacht builders save money AND weeks of lead time per project

Imagine if building a high-tech house or a super yacht were an unforgettable experience, not only for the owner, but also for everyone involved in these projects.

The advanced design and engineering software, Artura, focuses on seamlessly connecting different technical systems in a simple and efficient way. The needs of the end user are translated into the exact positioning of various devices and installations in a room or building. Artura is currently used mainly in the world of yachts, where the integration of equipment and cabling is particularly close.

Joris van der Pouw Kraan, founder of Artura, was looking for a collaboration partner who could shape, develop and bring this idea to life with him. They needed developers who could dive deep into the technical aspects of the product, and Artura found the perfect partner in GlobalOrange. Together we worked to make this dream a reality, bringing together technology, innovation and creativity.


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In 2020, Joris van de Pouw Kraan threw in the towel after more than 5 years of experience as a System Engineer at Van Berge Henegouwen Installations. He specialized in integrating luxury technology in yachts. He was annoyed by the inefficiency of different applications that had to work well together. But he had a plan. So he quit his job and started Artura. Using his technical skills, he started developing the platform himself. But soon he noticed that scalable software development required a lot of expertise that he didn’t have himself. He looked for a partner and found one in GlobalOrange, with whom he started working in a hybrid team.

In a short period of time, the start-up, with the help of GlobalOrange’s hybrid team, has taken a huge development step. What would normally take two years has now been achieved in just 6 months. The insights from GO’s projects in other markets were used to make the Artura platform scalable, secure and future-proof.

With Artura, system integrators not only save tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of lead time per project when creating installation drawings, but also avoid common annoyances and miscommunications. This results in significant reductions in indirect costs, which is the biggest benefit.

“It was extremely valuable to find a good sparring partner in the GlobalOrange team, which was the basis for our progress and the beautiful result.”

Joris van der Pouw Kraan
Founder Artura

Connecting systems with ease: how Artura makes it possible

Artura’s mission is to help customers save 10% construction time on every project. Artura’s software is designed to address challenges in system design and documentation. It promotes teamwork, especially in time-sensitive projects such as yacht building, and ensures consistent documentation with the concept of single sources of truth. Artura also improves documentation efficiency. This makes Artura an all-in-one solution for system design and documentation management, making it a valuable tool in industries where complex systems are designed and documented. Artura’s vision includes a greater need for collaboration with all stakeholders in the project, from peers to the customer and fellow contractors.


Collaboration in 3 words according to Joris


“GlobalOrange was closely involved in the process, with their dedicated product manager helping us go deep into the technical aspects of our product. This product brought complex requirements and performance challenges, which posed serious challenges for us. Working with GlobalOrange was extremely valuable; we could count on strong sparring partners who not only understood the technical complexities, but were also able to think solution-oriented, especially with our software application. Their in-depth expertise and commitment were invaluable. Thanks to their help, we were able to overcome technical hurdles and create innovative, customised solutions that exceeded our expectations.”


“The collaboration with GlobalOrange was collaborative from the beginning. I immediately clicked with Yvo, the CEO of GlobalOrange, and immediately got a good impression of what the company had to offer. When I approached GlobalOrange with my start-up concept, the response was positive. I had already worked out some ideas and even created a demo of sorts. What stood out was the excellent technical connection with GlobalOrange’s team. They not only had a strong affinity with the subject matter, but also with the way they guided us. Moreover, we were always able to switch quickly, which meant that decisions were made quickly. This fast and efficient way of working formed the basis of our successful cooperation.”

Doordachte aanpak

“I was very pleased with GlobalOrange’s approach. GlobalOrange has an expertise in product management. This ensures a structured and well thought-out approach. As an amateur programmer, I could easily see and think along, which was very valuable. We had daily stand-up meetings, where we discussed the roadmap and worked out detailed user stories and cases. It worked very nicely; we created a structured approach where we carefully coordinated each step. This gave me confidence that every decision we made was well thought out. All this made our collaboration not only efficient, but also extremely effective in achieving our goals.”

“It was a pleasure to work with Joris. He is truly a subject matter expert who wants to develop his ultimate dream product. I am very proud of what we have achieved together!”

Product Manager GlobalOrange

Succes factors

In the past 2.5 years since its inception, Artura has proven to be a valuable tool by delivering multiple successful projects. Users, including engineers who have previously used other software applications, have highlighted Artura’s positive impact. They praise the software for its ease of customization and ability to organize everything in an orderly fashion, something previously challenging with older packages. Artura’s success is further underscored by its ease of learning and use. Installers can seamlessly participate in the design process and collaborate with engineers without experiencing much difficulty. This is made possible by the small learning curve, which makes using Artura more intuitive than competitors.


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