IT challenges in healthcare: construction, security and evolution


The healthcare field is complex and constantly changing. The same applies to the IT landscape. Although IT systems are a prerequisite for managing healthcare at all, they bring with them a whole new dimension of challenges: from building and further developing and maintaining these systems, integration issues to regulatory and compliance requirements. As most healthcare IT systems work with sensitive and special personal data, security of this information is crucial – especially as more systems are linked or opened up to the internet.

  • Strategic choices for compliant healthcare IT: a question of balance
  • Innovators in maintainable healthcare technology and compliance
  • A proven approach
  • Case study Medical platform Hikos

Strategic choices for compliant healthcare IT: a question of balance

These issues can place significant additional workload on organisations working on or with healthcare IT systems – time and money that might have been better spent on patient care. Choosing the right product and technology strategy that keeps complexity permanently contained while remaining compliant can help here. A key component here is a solid User Experience (UX) approach, which we’d like to tell you more about in this article.


“Wouldn’t it be nice if much of the technical complexity was (permanently) compliant, so that the organisation could engage in care?”


Innovators in maintainable healthcare technology and compliance

GlobalOrange has years of experience in building maintainable products without vendor lock-in in all domains, including healthcare. This experience shows that maintainability from both product and technology management perspectives is essential for continuing to deliver value for an organisation. GlobalOrange has translated this experience into an approach that offers great advantages specifically for the healthcare domain: around 60% of the ISO 27001/NEN7510 Annex-A management measures (controls) for platform and technology are covered, allowing the company to focus on the remaining organisational measures.

This approach consists of the following components:

Proven and supported technology and partners

Developing robust, secure platforms is complex: what do you develop yourself, is it at all possible and sensible, and what do you leave to others? Making this choice requires experience and the choice has to fit the organisation. What always applies in any case is that if you choose to get parts of your platform from outside -whether this is open source or a commercial option-, the choice must be future-proof. For instance, we look at the history and use of a technology or partner (vendor), at the market (availability of talent, tooling, support) and the developments: can you continue with this responsibly in the future?

Solid processes that suit you

Our product development, development and delivery processes are also based on more than 15 years of experience. Whatever form suits you, we ensure that product quality is guaranteed. We do this by thoroughly understanding where you come from, where you want to go and what your environmental factors and constraints are.

Developing a new product or platform is usually a beautiful but intense activity. However, the real value is delivered only after the product or platform is live and being used by your customers and users. Here, it is important that it is not only fun, but also secure, fast and available. This means that a digital product will need maintenance and ongoing development to ensure that it keeps up in terms of compatibility and that any newly discovered security issues are taken care of. Even if your platform remains relatively stable in terms of product features, the market moves: in the process, new requirements for integration, features or compliance may emerge.

Managed Infrastructure (with GlobalOrange InfraKit & DeliveryKit)

We ensure that your product and platform infrastructure is continuously monitored and up-to-date with the latest security requirements and cost optimisations. Our DeliveryKit approach ensures that we take most of the manual work during the delivery and testing of your product out of your hands, covering the most common mistakes, so we can focus with you on delivering value.

A robust case study according to this one that we are proud of is Hikos’ platform:


“We believe that innovation thrives only in an atmosphere of total freedom and flexibility.”

At GlobalOrange, we believe that bringing together various areas of knowledge from our customers delivers the best product – not only for the first release, but also in the long run – in doing so, we also understand the importance of freedom. This is why we guarantee you complete freedom from vendor lock-in. With us, you remain in control, because we believe that innovation only thrives in an atmosphere of total freedom and flexibility.

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