Product Discovery Workshop

Creating a new product? You need to know: What issue does it solve for customers? How does it fit with your business goals? This is key for a successful product that meets both customer needs and business plans.

A smart way to start is with a Product Discovery Workshop. It sets up the base for a great product that people want.

Product Discovery workshop

The starting point for every new project at GlobalOrange is a two-day Product Discovery Workshop. Together with our experts in User Experience Design, Product Management and Technology, your vision and goals are mapped out as clearly as possible and related to the ‘unmet needs’ of the end users.

This workshop is an excellent way to start building the right product. It allows us to determine the product-market fit and start immediately in that direction. Once the workshop is complete, you will receive a project plan that describes how we can build your product the right way together. All three disciplines (Product Management, UX, Technology) will be involved in the workshop from GlobalOrange.

product discovery

product discovery

What you get

  • Product Vision, Persona’s, Stakeholder map
  • Product Roadmap
  • One or two User Journeys
  • High-level Architecture
  • Project Plan – approach, governance, risks, schedule

The Product Discovery Workshop requires an investment of EUR 5k and two days of your time. The workshop can usually be scheduled within 2 weeks and takes place with us at the Posthoornkerk in Amsterdam or at your location. Directly after the workshop we can start developing the software.

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Lay the foundation for a valuable and successful product that people really like.

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“There is a close cooperation. The great thing about GlobalOrange is that they also see our goal as their own. They are really committed to what you want to achieve together.”

product discovery
Ernst van Apeldoorn
Product Owner SDB groep

Introduction to Continuous Product Discovery | Paweł Huryn

In the video below, Product Coach Paweł Huryn explains why Product Discovery is so important and elaborates on the terms ‘Design Thinking’ and ‘Continuous Product Discovery’.